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  • The Hero Inside

    The Hero Inside

    I search each morning for the one I admire looking in the mirror sometimes I find them sometimes I don’t but I keep hunting peering into the soul hidden behind the eyes on a quest to find the hero inside [Continue…]

  • Expressive

    What is one word that describes you? If there was one word to describe me I think it would be that I am EXPRESSIVE – at least in music and the written word. 😊

  • The Simple Things

    The Simple Things

    There’s something truly special about finding joy in the simple things of life. Whether it’s the feeling of … [More…]

  • Grief


    the ocean rises and falls tide surging in and pulling back out taking with it the wreckage of memories sweet and dear [More…]

  • The Gambling Wind

    The Gambling Wind

    we will never know what moments we’ll catch as we… [More…]

  • Overcome


    feelings overwhelm what’s around the bend… [More…]

  • Whispers


    listen very closely now can you hear the wind gently flowing graceful whispers to your spirit

  • Departure


    Ready for adventure in 2023! #dotodaywell

  • When We Search

    When We Search

    When we search We find…

  • Finding my way

    Finding my way

    the mist spills out of the grove covering up the ancient path I know the path that leads to home shall I run shall I wait shall I close my eyes just step onward when the darkness draws its bow my legs won’t tremble I am not alone