by @poeticheart

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the ocean rises and falls
tide surging in and pulling back out
taking with it the wreckage
of memories sweet and dear
leaving fragments
splintered pine and ceiling fans
of what was our beautiful home

the ocean is always there
consistent in its reminder
that you are no longer here
I have no yacht to sail
no captain who knows
where to set course
still I hope to see you again
one day
so I stand on these slippery rocks
trying to catch a glimpse of you
within the setting sun

the ocean is at the mercy of the wind
she has no control of her power
her rage comes with waves like towers
breaking sixty feet above your head
you look up and wonder
how you will survive
sometimes praying for mercy
whatever form that may take

waves surround me on every side
pounding against the shore
I cling to these sea-swept rocks
trying to keep my feet
but I am overwhelmed
surging white pulling me
into her

when will this end
should I swim
stay afloat and pray for help
wait out the typhoon
or resign to my fate and let her
enfold me in her pain

after her mournful scream is unleashed
the ocean settles
rests her weary head on the golden outline
her protector
by some miracle I have survived
lying half-naked on the sand
I am still here
still alive
having felt the fullness of her pain
her sorrow
yet still having no understanding of
where it came from
where it goes
or when it will come again

the ocean rises and falls
gentler now that the winds have ceased
the storm has passed
yet in her embrace
I know she will feel those winds again
and I will return to the rocks
seeking a glimpse of you

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