Category: Poems

  • Back on The Path

    Back on The Path

    Tired of wandering aimlessly Thirsty Exhausted Aching for a reprieve Begging for relief for the Heavy load upon my back Desperately In need of hope Purpose I have been Struggling to find Answers to deep Dark questions Troubling my soul I reached out Pleaded forgiveness Begged mercy for my Vanity Selfishness Found Second chance Reset…

  • The Hero Inside

    The Hero Inside

    I search each morning for the one I admire looking in the mirror sometimes I find them sometimes I don’t but I keep hunting peering into the soul hidden behind the eyes on a quest to find the hero inside [Continue…]

  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Overcoming Anxiety

    locked within a vice anxiety grips again how can I escape

  • Scorching Summer Heat

    Scorching Summer Heat

    ~ a haiku ~

  • Nothing to Prove

    Nothing to Prove

    I have seen you fall I have watched you soar I have felt your pain I’ve felt your tears pour I have seen you elated I have seen your darkest move Yet I love you unconditional You have nothing to prove

  • Grief


    the ocean rises and falls tide surging in and pulling back out taking with it the wreckage of memories sweet and dear [More…]

  • Sparks


    Here’s one of the mysteries of art and life… Where does inspiration come from? …

  • The Gambling Wind

    The Gambling Wind

    we will never know what moments we’ll catch as we… [More…]

  • As the Storm Rages

    As the Storm Rages

    ~ an inspirational haiku ~

  • Overcome


    feelings overwhelm what’s around the bend… [More…]