The Hero Inside

by @poeticheart

looking for the hero inside me bravery confidence self-respect self-love
I search each morning
for the one I admire 
looking in the mirror 
sometimes I find them 
sometimes I don't 
but I keep hunting
peering into the soul 
hidden behind the eyes 
on a quest to find
the hero inside 

will I recognise the hero when they rise 
or will I be pre-occupied
will they be in disguise 
and only be revealed when required 

do I trust the process 
respect the journey 
the way unfolding each day 
or will I be impatient 
throw it all away 
chasing cake and cotton candy 
other things that take my fancy
but leave me hollow and dry 

destiny awaits 
and I'll heed this call 
to venture into unknown realms 
of bravery and fortitude 
that stares back at me each morning 
in the shape of my gratitude 
for a life worth doing well

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©️Copyright belongs to the
author writing as @poeticheart

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