Six Word Story #2…

ice skating vector image

by @poeticheart

– I’m so proud of your effort –

ice skating vector image

Being Aussie-born and living in outback Western Australia, LHG hasn’t had many opportunities to skate, though we’ve been able to do it once or twice a year over the last couple of years. In our visit to Canada over Christmas, LHG was given his first set of ice skates by his Lola. Over the holidays, he has gone skating most days he’s been here, thanks to a great (free) outdoor rink nearby.

Just after Christmas, I timed LHG doing a lap of the rink and he made it around in 2 minutes 30 seconds – definitely not a bad time for a7 year old Aussie kid.

Over the last couple of days, having spent at least an hour each day skating, I really noticed a big improvement in his technique, and it was obvious his confidence was starting to soar. I decided to time him again, and I was stunned at the time…

I thought, “Wow! That’s a really good time! for someone that couldn’t glide with both feet and felt terrified skating by himself two weeks ago, that’s a huge improvement!”

Today, I timed him again. This was after about his third lap around:

Knocked off over twenty seconds in the space of a day! It was getting to the point it was getting hard to keep up with the youngster.

We decided to do one final timed lap before we left for the day and this was the final time:

What an incredible improvement over a couple of days! And he cut his time from just after Christmas in half. 👍

So, to capture the spirit of what I am feeling right now, my son, these six words sum up my thoughts:

– I’m so proud of your effort –

ice skating looping video

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